Gilbert Gramophones - The World's Best Music!

Please Note: This gallery section is not complete with the relevant images. I hope to add these images and photos within the next few weeks. My apologies for the delay.


Within this gallery, I have reproduced some copies of period advertisements from Wednesday, 3rd of December 1930, and a superb photograph of a exhibition show stand, taken in 1929. These images were kindly sent to me by Mr Martin Nutter of Leicester, who was a long term employee of Gilbert gramophone retailers, Cowling Bros of St Nicholas Street, Leicester. The copies shown here were advertising proofs taken from the Leicester Mail and the Leicester Mercury. I am informed by Mr Nutter that Cowling Bros were extremely proactive in their marketing of Gilbert gramophones, something that is most evident by their enthusiastic marketing efforts and the quality of their show stand at the 1929 "Leicester Home Life Exhibition". You will note from the adverts that potential purchasers could buy a new Gilbert gramophone, and pay on credit terms of 20 shillings (£1.00) per month!!

I am also indebted to Miss Chloe Lander from London, for sending me images of Gilbert gramophone parafinallia, including instruction booklets, production record cards (found inside her own machine) and other ephemera.

Finally, I have included images of "Gilbert" related items, technical details, and more photos of machines from my collection, plus a photo gallery of machines which have been sent in by owners and collector's alike. If you have a picture which you would like to have included on this site, please e-mail a high resolution image for approval.

Another item of note is the fact that many people misspell the word "gramophone" with an "A", to read "gramaphone", therefore, a search for "Gilbert Gramaphone" or "Gilbert Gramaphones" may bring different results!!

Any feedback about this site would be most appreciated.


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