Gilbert Gramophones - The World's Best Music!

Reprinted from 1927 Catalogue

"The instrument that amazes the World"

Model No 62
Queen Anne Pedestal Model (Mahogany)

CABINET:--Mahogany, high class piano finish. Record accommodation inside the cabinet. An artistic design.
MOTOR:-- The famous Garrard, double spring. Plays two records with one winding. 12" plush covered turntable.
TONE ARM:-- The unrivalled Gilbert amplifying arm, specially designed to produce great volume with perfect definition of tone without distortion. Reg No: 721931 and pat. No: 266936
AMPLIFIER:-- All metal deep tone reflecting amplifier, producing the widest range of notes and giving perfect definition of tone. Reg No: 721971
SOUNDBOX:-- Gilbert Tone Reflector, specially designed for use with the new electrical recording process of records. Pro-Pat. No's 2380 and 2381.
NEEDLE CUPS:-- Two Gilbert needle cups which are of new design with electro-gilt bowls for unused needles and one nickel-plated for used needles. Reg No: 721972
MEASUREMENTS:-- Height 42½ins Width 24½-ins Length 24½-ins
CASH PRICE - - 16 Guineas

Below are some recent pictures of a Model 62 from my collection.

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