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Reprinted from 1927 Catalogue

"The instrument that amazes the World"

Model No 64
Oak console model with 8 legs.

CABINET:--Highly polished oak, the design of this cabinet is carried all the way round, the back of the cabinet being the same design as the front, thus enabling the instrument to be used as a centre table if desired. Record accommodation inside the cabinet. A handsome model for any room.
MOTOR:-- The famous Garrard, double spring. Plays two records with one winding. 12" plush covered turntable.
TONE ARM:-- The unrivalled Gilbert amplifying arm, specially designed to produce great volume with perfect definition of tone without distortion. Reg No: 721931 and pat. No: 266936
AMPLIFIER:-- All metal deep tone reflecting amplifier, producing the widest range of notes and giving perfect definition of tone. Reg No: 721971
SOUNDBOX:-- Gilbert Tone Reflector, specially designed for use with the new electrical recording process of records. Pro-Pat. No's 2380 and 2381.
NEEDLE CUPS:-- Two Gilbert needle cups which are of new design with electro-gilt bowls for unused needles and one nickel-plated for used needles. Reg No: 721972
MEASUREMENTS:-- Height 30-ins Width 21-ins Length 23-ins
CASH PRICE - - 13 Guineas

Below are some recent pictures of a Model 64 from my collection.

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